Rules for creating characters

All Kindred start at Blood Potency 1. They can either be newly created, or have been in hibernation for a sufficient length of time to decrease their power.

It is not necessary to choose a bloodline immediately on creating your character. However, it may be best to have some intention of where you would like the character to go upon further play.

Please, no Malkovians if you are going to play them like GiR from Invader Zim.

You may take flaws for your character within reason. These must be discussed with the GM. No more than five points of flaws may be taken, and if you take flaws, they must be RPed. Each flaw point gives you an extra merit point. Choose from Sample flaws listed in the Wiki, or discuss your ideas with the GM.

Each player gets a smartphone of their choice, enabled with 3G web access, unlimited text, talk and web, and GPS. Additionally, they have a choice of one more freebie item:

*A car of your choice, value not to exceed $10,000
*A firearm of your choice, value not to exceed $1,000
*Membership in the Screen Actor’s Guild, Writer’s Guild of America, Director’s Guild of America, or another show business trade guild
*A Cardboard Mansion in a bad part of town

Rules for creating characters

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